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This contract is for the sale of Kitten/Cat named:


Born on:


Colour/ Pattern:








Above named kitten/Cat has been sold to:


Who resides at:


Hereby referred to as buyer.

Buyer’s Email:


Buyer’s Telephone:


Buyer’s Cattery Name:




Additional Notes





The buyer accepts full responsibility for this cat/kitten and providing properly for its welfare. It is understood that this is a live animal and it is not considered a perfect creature by any definition. The buy agrees that this cat/kitten will always receive prompt medical care, and that the seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred by the purchaser of this cat/kitten. The buyer also agrees never to allow this cat/kitten to harbour fleas, parasites of any kind, mites of any kind, or go untreated with any illness.


Hoitytoity feels very responsible for her kittens and cats and as such, I Sharon Smith will give you the following guarantees.


I guarantee the above named kitten/cat does not have PKD – if the above named kitten/cat is DNA PKD tested Positive for PKD and proof of test is given to Hoitytoity, a replacement cat/ kitten will be given absolutely no refunds will apply - the cat or kitten will be of similar quality and of the breeder’s choice.


If the above named kitten/Cat was to die before it is 12 calendar months old of a genetic defect or illness proven to have been present before purchase, and proof in the form of contact with purchasers vet and a veterinary letter, then a replacement kitten will be given; absolutely no refunds apply. The cat or kitten will be of similar quality and of breeder’s choice. (Please note: this clause does not apply to cats purchased over 12 months of age).




The buyer agrees to provide companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for extended periods of time without human attention, or caging the kitten for more than 5 hours per day. This kitten will never be allowed to roam outdoors unattended.




The buyer agrees that this kitten/Cat and its offspring will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, kitten mill, or research facility. Additionally, all whole (Breed quality) male and females kittens must be sold with this same contract.




Above said kitten/cat is being sold as a whole cat, to be used in a responsible, ethical and loving breeding program. It is understood that interest or ownership of this kitten cannot be transferred or sold to another individual. This animal is to be maintained within the household of the purchaser and not be loaned, leased, gifted, traded and absolutely no stud service is allowed.  Buyer agrees that all litters produced by this cat are to carry only the name of the purchaser’s cattery.




Sold as having Breeding Potential –This kitten is registered on the GCCF Active register. 4 Generation Pedigree document will be supplied.  If overseas purchase then a 5 generation certified GCCF pedigree will be sent to you from GCCF for the transfer of this kitten. - This will take approximately 4 weeks from the date you receive/collect the above cat/s/kitten/s.




Sold as having Show Potential – The Breeder cannot guarantee success in competition.  Hoitytoity cannot guarantee the show career of a cat/kitten.  By signing this contract, I the Purchaser totally agree to this statement and fully understand there are NO guarantees on this cat/kitten on how this cat/kitten develops after it leaves the Breeders home.




If buyer no longer wishes to keep kitten/ Cat, then buyer must offer seller (Sharon Smith) first refusal to have the cat back at no cost, except for shipping costs, which will be the responsibility of seller, (Sharon Smith). If seller declines, then buyer agrees to have kitten/Cat altered immediately. The kitten/Cat is expected to be placed in  a suitable loving pet home if buyer chooses not to keep the kitten/Cat for the remainder of its lifetime








Buyer has 72 hours to have the above named kitten/Cat vet health checked – this is at buyers own expense. Please note: This is a condition of sale - if a problem is found by the buyer’s qualified veterinarian the buyer may return the kitten.  Return Shipping/travelling cost is the responsibility of buyer.  If kitten is returned, the next available kitten of equal quality will be offered to buyer as replacement. Or a cash refund will be given for the price of the kitten/cat only.

Please note: you only have the first 72 hours to vet check the above named kitten/ cat , after this allotted period a replacement kitten or cat will apply – there are no exceptions – Please make sure you have read and understood this part of this contract.

Prior to any refunds or replacement animal being made, all papers issued with this animal must be returned, properly signed, transferring ownership back to the breeder.  Please, note if the kitten/cat has been exposed to other cats not raised and bred by Hoitytoity no replacement will be given. It is recommended to isolate all incoming kittens/cats and purchaser agrees to isolate this kitten for at least one month before introduction to its other cats.

Please note: In the case of purchasing a kitten the buyer agrees to have the above named kitten fully insured at the buyers own expense for at least the first year of the kittens life. This is a condition of sale. Please note: Hoitytoity does not insure your kitten for you , there are many companies were you can obtain animal insurance  and it’s the buyers responsibility to obtain this said insurance– this does not apply when buying a cat over the age of 12 months.




If at any time this cat is found to be in an unfit or abusive condition, to be determined by seller, the seller reserves the legal right to remove the animal from the premises, and the buyer agent will surrender said animal and all appropriate papers to the seller, or to the seller's designated agent, immediately, unconditionally and without compensation.




Shipping:  Be aware no kitten can be shipped before 5 months of age. We do however like to keep kittens that are being exported until they have cut their second teeth, which are approximately 5 ½ – 6 months old; if you choose to have your kitten before the second teeth are cut then no guarantee can be given for the adult bite.  The Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping (price to be arranged), airline-approved carrier (the Breeder is NOT responsible for injury or stress related illness due to shipping, travelling, and/or mishandling during shipping). This kitten is sold in good faith.




The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated, and that any suit shall be tried in the seller's County and under seller's United Kingdom law There will be an additional £1000 damages fee if this binding contract is brought to court. Seller expects buyer to pamper, love and cherish said kitten/cat and agrees to keep seller informed of kitten's welfare and progress.



Signed this day (date):


Seller: Sharon Smith




Signed this day (date):