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Hoitytoity Show News


For all those of you who have shown Hoitytoitys in the past and

gone on to achieve Grand Champions, Champions and numerous Best In Show

winners, both here and abroad, a Big Thank you



Champion Hoitytoity Sweet Caroline


Maidstone and Medway Cat Show - 18 December 2010

obtains her third CC and championship status


Cheshire Area Cat Show - 13 November 2010

Caroline gains her second CC


Yorkshire County Cat Show - Caroline obtains

her fist CC at 9 months


Photo by Jenny at Gemkin Persians



Chester and North Wales  - 14 August 2010

Best in Show Longhair Kitten


Gwynedd Show - 17 July 2010

1st BOB  -  5 x 1st

Red Card Day

Caroline achieves BIS Longhair Kitten


Overall Best in Show



Wiltshire and District Cat Show - 3 July 2010

Best in Show Longhair Kitten

1st and BoB


Midland Counties Cat Show - 23 May 2010

1st and BOB - 2 x 1st - 1 x 2nd

Best In Show Longhair Kitten


Thank you Therese for showing Caroline so well



North of Britain LH & SLH Cat Show - 5 December 2009

Hoitytoity Ruby Rocks

at 4 months

Red Card Day




Hoitytoity At Picturebook



Leyla has 2 CC's




Supreme Show - Dublin - 26.4.09

PR Hoitytoity One Cool Cookie

1st BOB - also obtained his 2nd Grand Premier

then went on to achieve

Best Overall Longhair Neuter





Kernow Cat Show

4 April 2009

Winston gains his third CC

Champion Hoitytoity Winston

Thanks to Di for showing Winston so well



Surrey and Sussex Cat Show

21st March 2009

Hoitytoity Winston

Winston gains his second CC



Midland Cat Club - Limerick

21st February 2009

Premier Hoitytoity One Cool Cookie

Another PC and BOB

Cookie also obtained his first Grand Premier Certificate

Then went on to obtain

Best In Show Neuter


Once again, thanks to Sara for showing him so well



Southern Counties Cat Show - 31 January 2009

Hoitytoity Winston at 10 mths

1st and CC

3 x 1st




Capital Cat Show - 3 January 2009

Hoitytoity At Picturebook



1st and BoB

2 x 1st   1 x 2nd



North of Britain LH and SH Longhair Cat Show - 15 November 2008

Hoitytoity Big Ben

1st and Best of Breed

2 x 1st   1 x 2nd

Best In Show Longhair Kitten


Hoitytoity Cherry Oh Baby

1st and Best of Breed




GCCF GR CH and Tica Triple Grand Champion

Hoitytoity Three Wishes


Third Best Blue Tortie and White in Northern Europe



Lakeland and District Cat Club Show - 21 June 2008

Joey gains his third Grand Challenge Certificate

Grand Champion Hoitytoity Mighty Joe



Merseyside Cat Club Show - 7 June 2008

Ch Hoitytoity Mighty Joe - Reserve Grand


2 x 1st   1 x 3rd



Manchester Cat Club Show - 3 May 2008

Ch Hoitytoity Mighty Joe gains his second Grand Challenge

Certificate and BOB

Best of Variety Adult

Well done Joey.....



Supreme Show -  Dublin Ireland 26 April 2008

Congratulations to

Hoitytoity One Cool Cookie - 3rd PC and BOB

Hoitytoity Wannabe Posh - gains her 2nd PC and BOB


Ch Hoitytoity In Your Dreams obtains his second Grand

Certificate - Thanks to James, Olga and Tania for

showing Dreams so well



Humberside Cat Club Show - 12 April 2008

Ch Hoitytoity Mighty Joe gains his

first Grand Challenge Certificate

and Best of Breed



Kernow Cat Club Show - 5 April 2008

Hoitytoity Morning Star

1st BoB

1 x 1st  1 x 2nd   1 x 3rd

Thanks Ann for Showing Layla so well



Coventry and Leicester Cat Show 23 February 2008

Hoitytoity Mighty Joe is now a champion

Joey obtained his 3rd CC in three straight shows

Also BOB


Photo by Alan Robinson



Well done also to

Hoitytoity X  Factor

1st BOB

Red Card Day

Congratulations Chris on showing Lou so well


Not forgetting

GR  CH Hoitytoity Three Wishes

Another Grand and BOB


Grand Champion and TiCA Triple Grand Champion

Hoitytoity Three Wishes - Feb 2008 at 4 yrs of age

Photo by Robert Fox



Midland Cat Club of Ireland - 17 Feb 2008

Hoitytoity One Cool Cookie

1st and BOB - 2nd PC


Hoitytoity Wannabe Posh

1st and BOB - 1st PC

Best in Show Neuter




2nd February 2008

Shropshire Cat Club Show


Congratulations to Hoitytoity Mighty Joe

1st CC in the Open and BOB

2 x 1st      1 x 2nd

Best of Variety Adult

Overall Best In Show



Well done to Hoitytoity X Factor

1st and BOB

2 x 1st      1 x 2nd

Thanks Chris for showing Lou so well


Congratulations also go to Grand Champion Hoitytoity Three Wishes

Wishes is now a TICA Triple Grand Champion

(to be confirmed)

Special thanks to Margaret for showing Wishes so well



January 19th 2008

Notts and Derby Show

Hoitytoity Mighty Joe at 10 months

1 CC and BoB


Hoitytoity X Factor

First kitten show

1st Open and BoB


Ch Hoitytoity Billy The Kid

2nd Open to our Joey....


Ch Hoitytoity Isadorable

1st Open and another CC


GR Ch Hoitytoity Three Wishes

Reserve Grand



January 12th 2008

West Country Cat Show

Congratulations to Hoitytoity Morning Star

1st and BOB



December 2007

North of Britain Show


Hoitytoity Mighty Joe

1st and BOB

2 x 1st

1 x 2nd


GR Ch Hoitytoity Three Wishes

Wishes obtained her first Imperial today


Reserve Grand

2 x 1st    1 x 2nd


Ch Hoitytoity Billy The Kid

Reserve Grand


Hoitytoity Isadorable

1st - BOB and CC

Lacie is now a champion


Congratulations everyone and thanks for showing the

Hoitytoitys so well.......



November 2007


Many congratulations go to Hoitytoity First Impression in Australia

Danny attended 7 shows in all as he only started his show career two thirds

of the way through the show season.....

9 Best In Show Wins

7 Reserves

12 Best of Breeds


Danny was then awarded

Kitten of the Year - Queensland

4th Best male Kitten of the Year - New South Wales


Thank you Dorothy for showing Danny so well



Dublin Show - October 2007

Congratulations to Olga and James of Catcastle Persians

Hoitytoity In Your Dreams is now a Champion



Dubin Show - October 2007

Hoitytoity Wannabe Posh

Owned by Sara Cox

1st and BOB

Red Card Day

Best Long Hair Kitten

Best Long Hair Exhibit


Not forgetting

Hoitytoity One Cool Cookie

also owned by Sara

1st Open and BOB

1st PC

Best In Show Neuter



Yorkshire Show - 27 October 2007

Congratulations to

Hoitytoity Billy The Kid on becoming a Champion

Thanks Sylvia for showing Archie so well



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