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Hoitytoity Happy Go Lucky



Hoitytoity Hazy Daisy





Hoitytoity Forever Friends


Grand Champion and Tica Triple Grand Champion

Hoitytoity Three Wishes at 4 years of age







Hoitytoity So Kissable - a Kissables Dalton baby


Hoitytoity Kiss Me Quick - and his litter sister


Hoitytoity Modesty Blaze

Hoitytoity Opium



Hoitytoity Not On Your Nellie


Hoitytoity Fascination



Planet Loves White Cloud of Hoitytoity





Hoitytoity Obsession


Hoitytoity Imagination



Hoitytoity Endless Love


Retired and living with Tracee


Hoitytoity Bubba





Hoitytoity Winston

Black and white van male at 3 weeks

At 4 weeks old




GC Kissables Dalton

Hoitytoity Rockchick





Hoitytoity Wiseguy

Retired and living with Leanne and Peter





Hoitytoity Glamorous

Now Retired and living with Pauline

Hoitytoity Glamorous - Maggie

at 6.5 years - August 2009


Hoitytoity At Picturebook



Hoitytoity Amazin Grace






Grand Champion Hoitytoity Mighty Joe




Hoitytoity Holly Go Lightly




Hoitytoity Rockchick