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Hoitytoity Inspiration


Hoitytoity Fairytale


Hoitytoity Got Thegiggles



Hoitytoity Honour



This litter from

Bracie Top Hat x Hoitytoity Eternity

pictures at 6 weeks of age.

Blue tortie and white

Cream and white bi-colour male

Cream and white van male

Cream and white harlequin male

Cream and White Harlequin Male


Champion Hoitytoity Akindof Magic

at 10 Months.



Hoitytoity Charlie Chaplin
(pictured at 7 weeks)



Ch Hoitytoity Heartbreaker
Cream & White Harlequin Male

Red Card Day - Herts & Middx 2002



Hoitytoity Piccolo



Hoitytoity Modesty Blaze, Andthensome and
Champion Akindofmagic
pictured at 14 weeks



Hoitytoity Bobby Dazzler &
Hoitytoity Double Take



Hoitytoity Aramis and Intuition


Hoitytoity Illusion & Hoitytoity Temptation.
Illusion is staying at Hoitytoity.


Hoitytoity Hotstuff

Hoitytoity Blue Pirate


Hoitytoity Cantabile



Hoitytoity Cinderella



Hoitytoity Rockafella


Hoitytoity Lookin Forlove

(photo below at 4 weeks)

Hoitytoity Loveactually

(at 9 weeks old)


Hoitytoity Passion

photo , below at 9 weeks