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Gallery 2

Hoitytoity Shez Electric

Hoitytoity Heathcliffe 'Darcy'
(pictured at 13 weeks)


Hoitytoity Shez Electric
Hoitytoity Confetti.

Shez Electric and Confetti


Hoitytoity Bobby Dazzler at 4 Months
Champion Pizzacata Vantertainer x
Champion Hoitytoity Sheer Elegance


Hoitytoity Will Scarlet at 10 weeks
Red Card Day at Humberside 2002


Hoitytoity Irresistible

Hoitytoity Headover Heels

at 6 months,



Hoitytoity Hearts Onfire &
Hoitytoity Ultraflame

Hearts on Fire and Ultraflame

Hoitytoity Ultraflame at 16 weeks.


Hoitytoity Hellbent.



Hoitytoity Andthensome
pictured at 8 months


Hoitytoity Temptation




Hoitytoity Heidi
Red Card Day - Humberside 2002


Hoitytoity Romeo

Photo , taken at 2 months old


Hoitytoity Imagination

Photo , below taken at 2 months old


Hoitytoity Charisma

Hoitytoity Juliet

Blue tortie & White